Are You Backing Up Your Wordpress Site?

Internet marketers create blogs and websites to offer services and their products. Basically, their goal is to earn money. This is the layout as well as the main reason why most of the web site owners only focus on their website's rank and its contents. Well, users don't really care aside from the contents of your site and the plan. They won't even care about your blog or website's safety. But by making a site even if security isn't your concern, it has to be your top priority.

I back my blogs using a free plugin WP DB Backup up. I will restore my website to the settings if anything happens. I use WP Security Scan free plugin to scan my site frequently and WordPress Firewall to block asks to fix wordpress malware plugin.

Hackers don't have the power once you got these lined up for your own security to come to your WordPress blog. You definitely can have a WordPress account which provides big bucks from affiliate marketing to you.

For me it's a WordPress plugin. They are drop dead easy to set up, have all the features you need for a task such as this, and are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to having to employ someone to have this done for you.

What's the best way? Out of all of the choices that are available today, which one is appropriate for you personally and which path should you choose?

Do not use wp_ as a prefix for your own databases. That default is being eliminated Web Site by most web hosting providers now but if yours doesn't, adjust wp_ to anything but that.

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